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An assortment of things elsewhere on the intar-web which we think are worthy of your time. So, buy one of our books, then go to one of these places and tell them to buy one of our books as well.


Organizations & Firms

  • www.biddles.co.uk
    Biddles! Our printers! Those lovely people who put the ink on the pages and chop them all up to look like books. And they’ve got the FSC’s Chain of Custody certification, which promotes sustainable forestry and implements a system that traces products back to their forest of origin.
  • Oddbooks
  • Shocklines
  • Sociology Online
  • grayfriarpress.com:
    Gray Friar Press is a wonderful independent house dedicated to presenting the best writing (and artwork) in the field of dark literature, publishing a combination of more established writers and promising newcomers. Despite the foregoing benevolent intentions, however, it also hopes to shatter your sleep…
  • www.britishfantasysociety.org.uk
    The British Fantasy Society exists to promote and enjoy the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror in all its forms. Solicitors They are well supported by the publishing industry and have many well known authors as members, not least their president Ramsey Campbell. amazinggracethemovie.co.uk
  • www.writers-forum.com
    Writers’ Forum is a major resource for writers, from beginners to established authors. It covers the who, why, where, what, when and how on the craft of writing including interviews with celebrity authors, major literary agents, holidays/courses for writers plus features on scriptwriting, festivals, comedy, biography and much, much more.
  • Napier Film Soc
  • The Alien Online

Wacky Shit to Reward You For Reading This Far Down

  • asofterworld.com
    A Softer World is a quite dark and odd little photo triptychs presented by British Columbians Emily Horne and Joey Comeau on a regular basis. A fine location to aquire your regular dose of humour that makes people shuffle away from you at the office.
  • www.warrenellis.com
    Warren Ellis writes comic books and graphic novels, videogames, animation, books, screenplays, tv and anything else he can steal money for. His website is a constant source of new talent, bizzare news and his wonderfully witty brain-dumps. Might not be suitable for younger folk. Or older folk with weak bladders.
  • www.digitalapocalypse.com
    Chad Michael Ward is an exceptional artist, specialising in horror, erotica and dark fantasy fine art. He’s also done some art, photography and design for some major artists including Marilyn Manson and Fear Factory. Might not be suitable for younger folk. Or older folk with weak bladders.
  • Timeless Hemingway
  • I, Death by Peter O’Mallick
  • www.britishtheatreguide.info
    The British Theatre Guide does exactly what it says on the tin. Providing regular reviews from theatre across the country and a great place to book your tickets — or get discounts — for some of the top London shows, this site is a must for all theatre-goers.

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